"Going Back" -Phil Collins nagra soulowy hołd dla swoich idoli

Phil Collins zamierza złożyć hołd swoim idolom muzycznym nagrywając nową płytę w stylu soul. Były wokalista grupy Genesis chce nagrać krążek z największymi przebojami wytwórni Motown i Stax Records. "Chyba nikogo nie zdziwi decyzja o nagraniu płyty z moimi ulubionymi piosenkami Motown. Właśnie te utwory obok przebojów Dusty Springfield i Phila Spectora z Ronettes tworzyły tło mojej młodości. Pamiętam, jak chodziłem do klubu Marquee w Soho i słuchałem, jak The Who, The Action i wielu innych artystów wykonuje te utwory. Następnego dnia kupowałem w sklepie muzycznym ich oryginalne wersje" - mówi rockman. Na krążku Going Back znajdą się również nowe wersje piosenek Temptations, Stevie’go Wondera I Four Tops dodał:mac600

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In a , the court ruled that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. That section of the landmark 1965 law provides the formula for determining which states must have any changes to their voting laws pre-approved by the Justice Department's civil rights division or the D.C. federal court. Nine states are required to get pre-clearance, as are certain jurisdictions in seven other states.

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Matching your pearl jewelry to certain factors like wardrobe and skin tone may seem quite confusing for some. Yes there are times when we just cant make up our minds, most especially when the subject is our own appearance. Well then this article is guaranteed to aid you to match your pearl jewelry to your skin tone and clothing.

Pearls and Wardrobe

When matching your pearl jewelry to your wardrobe it is essential that you ponder on the following questions:
What is your lifestyle?
What type of clothing do you wear and what colors do you prefer?
What type pf pearl jewelry will best suit the clothes that you wear?
Do you wear mostly casual or corporate attire?

1.If you are the modern woman of the world who competes with men in the business arena, wear high quality perfectly round pearls. These luxurious pieces look best in business or formal attires and will certainly complement your elegance and sophistication. Add a classic pearl circle pin or gold and a pearl brooch.

2.Accessorize with classic round pearls if you are wearing formal gowns. These pearls are suitable for garments like these. Keep in mind to pick the right size and color of pearls.

3.For cocktail parties or high fashion events, take out your long length pearl necklaces combined with topaz, garnet, tourmaline and lapis beads. This will create a high-end fashion statement.

4.Your daytime casual wear requires a softer look. Wear a single-strand necklace with moderate-sized pearls in modest lengths. This type of pearl jewelry is definitely fitting for this attire.

5.Try mixing different pearl necklaces together to match your outfit. You just have to remember the rule of opposites. If you are wearing something with a lighter hue, wear a dark-shaded pearl necklace such as purple, champagne or blue.

Pearls and Skin Tone

When you are buying pearl jewelry, most especially necklaces, it will be best to base your choice on the color of the skin tone of the person it is intended for.

6.Matching a pearl jewelry to light skinned women is a very easy undertaking. Fair-skinned ladies have a big range of color choices. They can go for white and pink, yet at the same time will look good in purple and green. However, they should avoid wearing black pearls. This type of pearl will make you look way older than your age. The classic creamy-pinkish white is very flattering for lighter skin tones.

7.If you possess that exotic dark skin, choose white pearls with silver or bright blue overtones. Silver and gold colored pearls will add glow to your skin. Choose a piece of pure pearl jewelry or pearls interspersed with other shiny materials. A demure strand of pearl necklace embellished with small sized diamonds is just the accessory for you.

8.Generally, dark-colored and gray colored pearls give a striking effect on all skin types.

You can never go wrong with pearl jewelry. You just have to learn the techniques of mix-matching. You can try the tips you have just learned, or you can browse further for more of our amazing and super surefire tips.

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Shoppers for engagement rings, freeze first! Before you enter to your selected jewelry store, think about how did you start your love story. Where did she first say i love you or I care for you, honey. Hmm, sounds romantic, isn't it? Do you have also some misunderstandings , arguments or simply a love quarrel? Oh, I am now going through the little bit personal questions. Actually, these love problems are parts of the relationship as they say for better or for the worst. Well, one more question if you don't mind. Do you really love her? If yes, can you give the best for her?

Now, back to shopping. I know that you are now preparing for the big event-your proposal of marriage. If you really treat her special, you will get also something special for her. Why not choose the set of uncommon engagement rings? Remember, engagement is the stage leading to marriage. And engagement rings are very necessary for this stage. Asking why? Obviously, we are talking about the commitment that will be finalized during the wedding day. Engagement rings are the manifestation that you belong to someone else. Thus, if possible, you will never entertain the people who are still interested and attracted to you.

So, why not consider something new and different like an unusual engagement ring? Lifetime partners are special, and their engagement rings should be as special as something that nobody else will have. When you are on the market for the perfect set of engagement rings to seal the deal with your loved one, there will be a whole slue of engagement ring types for you to choose from, and it won't be the easiest thing in the world. Why not get something special for them? Hopefully, after reading this it will be a bit easier for you to understand why giving your loved one something a little different make all the a big difference.

One of the many reasons why people want something different when it comes to engagement rings is because these rings represent the long-lasting relationship. Your relationship is unique, and therefore your engagement ring should express that unique and special quality as well. There are so many people out there today that much prefer the run of the mill, factory engagement rings that are made to look very lovely, but you have an idea that they are also worn by someone else . An unusual engagement ring style is a great way to show your future bride that you care, and that you know she is different from all of the others out there.
Unusual-styled engagement rings are highly demanded by people who make collections out of such a thing. They take value and comfort in the fact that these rings are worth more money because they are different, and their styles are rare. This was a French thing, popping up in Paris in the late 1920s and the idea was to use shapes and stones to make the rings that much different from the others. The geometrical designs and shapes, different colored stones, exquisite metal design are the types of things that people love to see and they are considered as the perfect engagement ring for the person in your relationship whom you want to marry.

Speaking again of engagement ring, you might probably think about diamonds, as they are the traditional stone for engagement. If you want something different, leave the idea of diamonds behind as that is what everybody has. Think of different ways to show your love through the new stones. The selection of the precious stones may depend on her favorite color or even her on birthday. Well, diamonds and other gems combined can make a beautiful engagement ring, one that your fianc is sure to remember. If you aren't sure of where to find them, check out some of the many yard sales and estate sales for unusual engagement rings.

No matter what you think, your fianc will appreciate the unique quality of an atypical or unusual engagement ring. Jewelry is nothing but art for the body, and who wants the same copy of some painting over and over? The same thing goes for an engagement ring . So make it different !
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It's NFL playoff season and the Super Bowl is coming up, which only means one thing for many American women - their guys disappear over the weekend doing nothing but watching football. It can be frustrating to deal with an absent boyfriend or husband, so what's a girl to do to deal with this situation?

First, like much of the other advice imparted in this site, it is important to set parameters. You don't want to try to control or change your guy... his interest in sports is a normal part of the testosterone pumping through his body. You never want to try to impose you will on your partner... like always communication is the guy. Find out when the game starts and when the game ends, and then let him be for that period of time under the caveat that he partakes in his relationship with you prior to and after the game. Compromise is the key and communicating your way to an understanding will get you through. Once he's watching the game, do your own thing or stay and watch, but don't bother him with non-football related conversation or any other activities during this time. Remember, this is his time to do what he wants. Make plans to do something with your friends and agree on when and where you will get together. After the game, however, his attention is back on you (if that's what you agreed upon), not on checking the internet on his phone or making calls to his bookie or whatever.

Most likely you have absolutely no interest in watching all the football games with your guy. But he's probably not that interested in some of your hobbies either. And that's ok. As long as both of you give each other proper space and can define what times are to be spent together and what times are to be spent apart, football season will be gone in a breeze.
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?Photography Competition

- Birthday, Sympathy, New Home, good luck, Get well etc. The way you format your card is key. Is it an all-out image, or smaller/cropped with a border etc? We would like to see a collection of cards that compliment each other (no more than 5) Our Tigerprint motto - Quality, not quantity' we would rather see 2 beautiful images than 5 not so great.

The subject is up to you, but your Market research will help you decide upon this. You should look at what is out there already, what's missing and trends are appearing which may help you think of an original idea and that will also appeal to the and the type of customer M target.

Think about why people buy blank cards - what message do you want to convey? Who will your card appeal to and what it would be competing against in the market place?

Whatever type of customer you choose to design for, our research shows that all customers want to be able to understand and be attracted to the basic idea of an image before they buy it.

Below are a few examples of our images that have been successful with the Marks Spencer customer. Please note these images are for guidance only.

Things to avoid:

. People - if you do wish to photograph them please get prior consent. tiff at a resolution of at least 300 DPI and preferably no smaller than A4 in size (297mm x 210 mm) should yours be selected.

Please note that all entries that do not meet the required format will be returned to you for re-formatting and will only be accepted and uploaded to the site in the requested format.

We will endeavour to upload your designs within 24 hours.

All entries are featured in our on-line Competition Gallery and the winning prize is ?200 as well as the possibility of a placement at Tigerprint and your design may even feature in a future range!!!!

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?karen millen dresses and creative work environment

karen millen dress sale,karen millen dresses They intend to make lucrative profit to generate a fair return for their investors and to finance continued growth and continued development in a high quality product. Recycling helps conserve landfill space, preserve natural resources and control rising waste disposal costs. The company has limited liability and offers % shares or outside investors. Dr. Heres why. Reducing the amount that we consume, and shifting our consumption to well-designed products and services, is the first step. They also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work. For example the business plan for Clean Fuel of Future (CFF) a company based out of the Ukraine is goes as follows. A macromolecule interacts with its environment along its entire length, so its enthalpy of mixing is large compared to that of an organic molecule with a similar structure. Many of these have not undergone environmental risk assessment and their impact on human health and the environment is currently uncertain. jimmy chooTheir mission statement is CFF is a manufacturing company dedicated to developing better energy solutions for benefit of a whole society.
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?How to Make Bread from Scratch

Cover loosely and refrigerate for 8 to 12 hours (overnight is best). By putting the yeasty mixture into the refrigerator, you slow down the fermentation process. This gives the dough extra time to absorb some of the gasses let off by the yeast (yielding a softer dough later on) and gives the bread an aged flavor. (You may think that "aged" doesn't sound good for bread, but it is.) Moreover, the extra time and hydration help to form the gluten strands that are so very important for bread dough.

To leaven, yeast needs to reproduce quickly (to produce the gasses inside the bread); for the best flavor/texture, however, it needs to reproduce slowly. (This would be a good time to fold in any additions you may want, such as nuts or herbs.) Be sure to knead it using the proper technique:

Place it on a counter top or other working space.

Lightly dust your hands with flour, then press the dough out with your knuckles. Don't squash or flatten it; simply spread it comfortably outwards.

First fold one side of the dough inwards toward the middle of the mass, then fold the other, (as if you were folding a tri-fold wallet). Repeat a second time.

Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and let sit for another 10 minutes.

Flatten the dough again with your knuckles, then it in onto itself like you're shaping it into a jellyfish.

Turn the dough over and squeeze the bottom together so that the top surface of the dough is smooth.

Place the dough back onto the counter and roll it gently between your hands. Do not grab the dough but allow it to move gently back and forth between your hands, moving in a circular motion. The point of this is to tighten up the skin of the dough ball as much as possible.

Use bread flour if you can. Bread flour has a higher protein content and therefore forms more gluten in the bread dough, and gluten is good. Bleached flour rises higher than most.

This page goes well in combination with How to Make Bread.

Make sure to weigh your flour; volume is a very inaccurate way of determining how much you have.

The recipe uses 1 pound of bread flour and bread flour usually comes in 5-pound bags. When you get the hang of it, go for a quintuple recipe all at once. Since you're investing so much time in the rising and kneading and gluten resting, you may as well get enough bread to last you.

Use bottled water if possible. Tap water usually contains chlorine, which will inhibit the yeast. Boiling tap water to evaporate the chlorine will also work, but be sure to let it cool.

The rest periods are important: they let the gluten relax and keep you from overworking your dough. If you are impatient, pass the time by smelling the dough while it rises -- a quite enjoyable experience.

When punching down, be aware that this is not like wedging clay: you are not trying to force air out of the dough while working it. Instead, it's perfectly ok to trap air inside the dough while manipulating. Yeast needs to breathe.

Don't skip the final 30 minute cool down. Cutting too early can squash your bread, and it would be tragic to spend all that time on bread just to mess it up in the last moments.

Don't skip the salt. Not only does salt regulate the fermentation of the dough to keep it from growing out of control, it enhances the flavour of the ingredients.

Meet Oliver, a Californian wikiHowian of over 4 years who is both a Booster and Admin. He has patrolled over 52,000 edits and made over 10,000 edits of his own. He enjoys patrolling recent changes, helping to stop vandals, and fixing formatting and grammar issues. The first article he ever worked on was How to Make Money on Runescape With Woodcutting, and his favorite article he has worked on is How to Use Aardvark. He's proud of the work he's done patrolling recent changes, which he enjoys because you get to keep quality up and help take care of problems on the wiki before they spiral out of control. He loves how even patrolling a few edits and making small improvements helps potentially thousands of people learn something new. His advice to new users is jump right in, and when you have questions, ask for help!

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I'm very happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is
at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

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